Kennels & Runs

'only comfort and security for our dogs'

The Boarding Facility

at Whistling Wings consist of a 30 x 50 enclosed area with inside & outside runs. Inside our kennels, the dogs enjoy their own private 5’ x 5’ secure kennel, while they also have access to a private 5’ x 5’ outside run. Equipped with special fan systems, your dogs will stay cool, dry, and in total comfort throughout the year. The outside kennels give the students a view of the countryside and a breath of fresh air, but with access to the inside to escape the elements when necessary. Our Open Air Kennel (Building #2) is for students in the Hunting / Outdoor Adventure programs, so they stay acclimated to the elements and adjust back to the hunting & training field. A 42 x 72 covered area keeps the dogs out of the cold elements, but also the sun and heat during the summer months. Each building has concrete flooring to ensure the cleanest environment for your companion, but also connected to a complete drain & septic system for the best sanitation in the country. Fan systems to dry and keep air flowing throughout the kennels and overhanging top cover to keep the rain and sun & heat out.

Boarding Program Rates:

Whistling Wings offers boarding for all dogs while you take a family vacation, complete remodels of your home, and or any other thing that could pop up. While your dog is staying with us, they receive one walk per day and one play session in our spacious play yard per day.

  •  Daily Rate: $27.00
  • Each Additional Dog Daily Rate: $10.00
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