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Roscoe x Vay Pups ( Available Now )


Oak x Maggie Breeding: Feb 2022


Wizard x Toad Breeding: Oct 2021


Wizard x Toad Breeding: Oct 2021


Rummy x Ava Breeding: Feb 2022

Whistling Wings

offers the finest pups from the most selective parent dogs in the world. From England, Ireland and Scotland to the United States we have spent tons of time in research to ensure we are passing along the most desirable traits to your hunting dog to produce, “The Ultimate Sporting Dog.” Each Parent dog we select for our program have been checked on all OFA, EYE CERF, EIC and CNM certifications to ensure clean and strong genetic traits. Here at the facilities we are about Quality not quantity and only offer selected breeding’s per year. This allows us to ensure we can raise each pup as our own and give each the best possible socialization training around. With special learning programs we start at birth, designed by top veterinarians from around the United States, to stimulate your pup into the best companion of a lifetime.

Puppies – Please contact us for available breeding’s coming up in the near future.

Labrador Retriever Pups:

Boykin Spaniel Pups:

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Seasoned and Finished Dogs – These levels of hunting companions are available throughout the year. Imported from overseas or produced here in the United States the dogs are ready for the field. Most have picked 1000 plus birds and experienced tons of hunting experiences. Please contact us for information on the dogs available from these programs.

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