Outdoor Adventure Training

'always by your side in the outdoors'

In the O.A.T.P .

( Outdoor Adventure Training Programs ), we accept any breed of canine companion for training.

Shed Hunting – Outdoor Companions Companions

In this course, your canine companion will be given an evaluation to determine which goals can be set. This course offers 3 classes: Outdoor Adventure, Indoor Etiquette, and Trailing Behaviors. In the Outdoor Adventure Class, your companion will be ready to join you and your family on any of your outdoor family excursions. This class teaches your companion to heel beside you whether you are taking a leisure walk, jogging on path, riding on a bike, or driving an ATV. Your companion will be trained to sit and stay in place while you enjoy an outdoor camp fire with your family and friends and roast those tasty treats. Or while on a relaxing Sunday drive through the country, your companion will ride nice & quiet inside your open-air vehicle. This course also includes an indoor etiquette class that will provide you with a companion that is house broke, place trained, and crate trained. Another feature offered in this course is trailing behaviors. Your companion could be trained to locate objects such as game, sheds, downed deer, and people.

In all of Whistling Wings training programs, we encourage owner involvement and recommend you visit at least once every 3 weeks while your companion is staying at Whistling Wings.

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