Waterfowl & Upland Dog Training

'any training day is a good day'

WWK Sport Dog Training


Waterfowl Training Course
In the Waterfowl Training Course, your sporting dog will be ready to run multiple marks, handle left, right, and back commands up to 125 yards from the handler, run short cold blinds, respect other working dogs in the field, and be steady to birds both flushed and shot. Your trained companion will have completed picking up 25-35 shot birds, worked out of flooded timber stands, roll-top pit blinds and ground huts for field hunting. Also covered in this program is an extensive obedience level that allows you to enjoy your hunting companion in the home as well as in the field.

Upland Bird Training
In the Upland Training Course, your sporting dog will be ready to pick multiple marks, steady to wing & shot, and quarter under control to flush game within gun range. Also run short cold blinds in and out of the dog’s quartering pattern. Your dog will be exposed to multiple game birds found during the upland hunt. This course also offers the same extensive obedience level to enjoy the dog in the home as well as on the hunt.

As with all our training programs, we encourage owner involvement and recommend you visit at least once every 3 weeks while your companion is staying at Whistling Wings.

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